Trip to Cartagena

Today I left Barranquilla for the day to explore the nearby port city of Cartagena! This gorgeous city has an old castle (which once repelled a 3-month pirate siege), an old city, and a new section with high-rise apartments and a gorgeous bay. It’s incredible to see one city with so much history and also so much modern growth side-by-side.

The first thing we checked out was the castle. It was a terribly hot day, but the castle is alone on a large hill and has some great views of the rest of the city and the ocean. It was great to run around on the old walls and through the tunnels that connect various parts of the castle. We hung around for a bit and then left for the old city.


The old city was amazing. The old Spanish colonial architecture is always fun to see, and it’s all over this section of the city. Brightly colored buildings line the narrow streets and squares, and an old wall wraps around the entire area. We stopped in for some delicious pastries and sandwiches, checked out the wall and other old buildings, and left to drive around the new city. While it didn’t offer as much for walking around and examining history, the new city still had plenty of beautiful new buildings. Overall, the city was amazing. I could easily see spending more than a week there, between all of the history of the old city and the beaches for relaxing and playing. Perhaps next trip!


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