We have arrived in Santiago and spent two days so far exploring the city. It’s been amazing, and the city is very different from any city I visited in Colombia. The infrastructure seems more modern, and the drivers all respect the rules of the road! It’s great!

We landed some time around midnight on Sunday, and went straight to our apartment and to sleep. The next day I got up early, walked around the neighborhood we’re staying in, Las Condes, and checked out a rather giant shopping mall. Later, Lexi and I went to a climbing gym, as it’s been a couple of weeks since we did any climbing and we were anxious to see what it’s like here. As it turns out it’s very hot, a bit slippery, but overall very familiar and everyone was very friendly. We came back, exhausted, and went to sleep.

Finally, we spent most of today on rental bikes, going up and down the main street through the center of the city. We stopped at the Plaza de Armas (I think?), went through a few different parks, and got to see how most of the city conducts a standard Tuesday afternoon.


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