Parks in Patagonia

After a couple of days in Patagonia, we’ve been able to explore more and see more of what this beautiful land has to offer. At first pass it reminded me of New Zealand with its rolling hills and open fields, but I’ve seen that there’s so much more to it. Yesterday, we hiked for about 4 hours up to the ‘Mirador Base de las Torres’, a scenic overlook of the towers in the park. Rather than grassy hills, we were hiking up steep, rocky, mountainous terrain. We hiked so high that the mist became snow, and as the weather worsened we found ourselves hiking in a snowstorm up to a glacial lake and the base of the towers.


The hike was gorgeous, and provided some incredible views of the park. We all felt the rough descent, and we were pretty excited to have beer waiting for us back at the van!

Today we decided to take it a bit easier, and went on a short two-hour walk through flat land and over to some cave paintings from 9-10,000 years ago. We saw quite a few guanaco (guanacos?), which were completely unafraid of us. We also saw quite a few guanaco carcasses, courtesy of the pumas in Patagonia. That attracted condors, so we got to see a bunch of them as well! Thanks guanaco! And puma…

In the afternoon, we went on a horseback ride through some flat areas of the park. While horses are pretty scary giant muscly things, it was actually a lot of fun riding around and seeing more of the beautiful park. And it was pretty nice to be sitting for a change!


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