Last Days in Chile!

After two weeks exploring various areas of Chile, my time here has finally come to an end. It’s been amazing getting to explore the beautiful city of Santiago, and the even more beautiful park of Patagonia.

My last few days in Patagonia were quite eventful. We hiked through the French Valley and up to the French Glacier, went horseback riding around two different areas of the park, and I celebrated my birthday!

The French Valley hike was gorgeous (that’s where the featured image for this post is from), it had stretches of dead white trees that vaguely resembled the White Tree of Gondor, stretches of beautiful lively greenery, calm lakes that reflected the scenery as natural mirrors, and large glaciers always looming above us in the mountains. It was also not a strenuous hike, which was a nice added bonus.

Horseback riding was a fun change of pace, as normally I’m not a big fan of horses. It was fun to try it out and find out that it’s not so difficult if the horses are well trained (The second time we went, my horse was not well trained. I just had to let it decide where it wanted to go because it wouldn’t listen to me, which was pretty terrifying).

Chile has been an absolutely gorgeous and incredible country to visit. I can’t wait to come back!


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