Hello, Thailand!

Cambodia had incredible temples and was a great stop on our tour, but now we’re on to Thailand! We arrived yesterday evening and discovered, to my dismay, that it was a Buddhist holiday and the sale of alcohol was forbidden. Alas, I had to wait a full day before I could try the local beers in Thailand (spoilers: they ended up tasting like the local beers everywhere else. Which is to say, like a cheap beer).

While there aren’t temples or museums that I’m looking forward to here, the beaches and limestone cliffs are unbelievably gorgeous and I can’t wait to get back out and see more of them. We spent the day yesterday at Railay Beach, a popular beach near Krabi town. Interestingly enough, I actually got to pilot the longboat that we rode over to Railay. As we rode along, we noticed that the boat was taking on an awful lot of water along the floor and by our feet. Our driver also noticed and pulled me back to drive the boat while he tried to keep us from sinking. So that was fun.


We did eventually make it safely, and it was worth the risk of sinking. The beaches were absolutely beautiful, as were the giant cliffs. We also saw a group of macaques, which liked to steal from tourists and were extremely possessive of things they took (we saw a few bare their teeth at us and other tourists for trying to protect our belongings). We didn’t do much by way of adventures today, just hiking up a very steep hill to an overlook and otherwise lounging around on beautiful beaches, but over the next couple of weeks we’re looking forward to possibly visiting a floating village, an elephant preserve, some climbing spots, and more beautiful beaches!


One thought on “Hello, Thailand!

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    So maybe a career as a ship pilot is in your future ??!!
    Anything is possible !!!!
    Love and continued happy travels to both of you.
    Grandma and PopPop


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