Tiger Cave and More Climbing!

We’ve had quite an active past couple of days, especially considering we were planning on taking it easy and recovering a bit from traveling so much over the past few weeks. We thought it’d be nice to check out some local sights, and the Tiger Cave Temple was one of the highest recommended things to see. Reviewers consistently said that the 1237 steps were not to be taken lightly, but after all of the hiking and walking we’ve been doing, we figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. We were quite wrong.

First, let’s establish that the reviewers and the signs were also wrong. There were 1260 steps to the top. It mattered, because after the first 100 steps each one could be as high as a foot each time. After the first 400 steps, I was seriously questioning how worth it the hike could possibly be, as it was incredibly taxing. However, seeing the incredible views of the Thai countryside and coast from the top of the temple was really amazing, and absolutely worth it.


Today we went back out to Railay to climb again! We got up early, caught the first boat over to Railay from Krabi Town, and still didn’t get to the gear rental shop until 11 (getting to and from Railay can be a pain). We rented a harness and met up with our new friend from New York, who fortunately had a rope and plenty of gear and was looking for people to climb with! We spent the day climbing in a couple of different areas around Railay and generally having a great time. Even with the slippery and polished limestone, the climbing was a ton of fun and it was cool to spend the whole day out climbing and seeing all of the other people doing the same thing!


One thought on “Tiger Cave and More Climbing!

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    Don’t ya just hate when reviewers LIE !!!!???? The pictures are truly spectacular. What amazing views ! Glad to hear that you’ve met up with other travelers . Keep enjoying every moment as you make a lifetime of memories ! Be safe and know how much your grandparents love you both !


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