Goodbye Thailand, Hello Singapore!

Today was our second day in Singapore (though our first day was a travel day, so it hardly counts), and so far this city is amazing. It’s clean, beautiful, expansive public transportation, a great skyline and coast, and there’s English everywhere. What more could I ask for?

The first big thing we’ve done so far in this city was visit the Gardens by the Bay. It’s a large public park by the water that includes a handful of free gardens, a skybridge through some fake trees with various plants coating their sides (see below), and two indoor gardens. Everything was beautiful and the indoor gardens were air conditioned (which was amazing, air conditioning is so nice when you’re in a city that’s basically on the equator).


After the gardens, we walked around by the water and over to the Marina Barrage, which was a wall separating the sea from a reservoir and had a park built on top of it. We walked around the area, got Indian food nearby, and waited around for sunset. There is a light show in the gardens at 7:45 every night, so we went over and sat around waiting for the event. It was actually a fun show, basically it’s just 15 minutes of Broadway music with lots of the fake trees lighting up in time. So it was strange, but fun.

Overall the city is looking incredible so far, and we have a few more days to get to know it better and explore!


One thought on “Goodbye Thailand, Hello Singapore!

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    Looks gorgeous ! So good to face time yesterday (short as was and missing Lex).
    We had a great weekend with Will while Mom and Dad did the city. I can’t believe that you are in your third month already ! Hopefully,each day will form a memory to last a lifetime !
    We love you both, Grandma and Pop Pop
    PS SO far you’ve missed your valentines and st.patty’s day cads !!!!! I’m saving them for you !


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