First Days in China!

After a few days in China I’ve started to figure out how the internet work here enough to post a new entry to the blog. Sadly, WordPress seems to be slowed or partially blocked, so I can’t post with photos for a while (it also seems Flickr was blocked recently). I can still put up text entries though, so they’ll just have to do.Our first few days here were spent in Shanghai, which is a really cool city. I landed around 10:30 PM and thought the city was in a blackout, as everything except for the street lights was black from the sky. I recently learned, however, that the skyline lights just go out around 10PM. So there’s a beautiful skyline from 7-9ish, then things start to turn off, and by 10 the city is blacked out (not that there isn’t any power. People could turn on lights if they wanted to, but generally the skyscrapers are empty and dark).

The city is actually very nice, though perhaps a bit hazy. There are pedestrian streets full of shops and people, nice gardens, and a very pretty skyline. There’s a promenade along the river with a good view of the skyline, and it seems to be a popular wedding photo spot. We’ve seen probably 3-4 wedding couples taking pictures there every day.
China is taking some getting used to, as Google (and all of it’s services like YouTube) is blocked, Facebook is blocked (so Instagram is out too), Twitter is blocked, and the list goes on. It’s weird to have my internet traffic filtered and it definitely takes some adjustment. The climate is also very different up here than it was down in Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore, though it’s nice to not be sweating every time I go outdoors. Overall it’s a very new place, and I still have plenty of time left here to see what it’s like!



One thought on “First Days in China!

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    Sorry that there are no pictures. Pop Pop and I feel like we’re traveling vicariously with both of you. Not sure what the time difference is anymore but I think you’re still ahead of us by many hours !
    Spring has arrived on the east coast and everyone is smiling again. Snow plows are stored and leaf blowers are going again.
    We miss yo both but hope the journey continues to give you memories that last a lifetime !
    Be happy ,be safe and know that you are loved !
    Grandma and Pop Pop


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