DMZ Visit and Leaving Korea

Our time in Korea has come to an end, as has our time in Southeast Asia altogether. It’s been absolutely amazing and incredibly diverse as we’ve explored this area of the world, and I hope to return someday to see more and spend more time here!

For our last couple of days in Korea, we tried a bunch of new foods and went to the DMZ. While we were bit apprehensive about an area that is still actively contested by North Korea, the tour was fine and actually a bit unexciting. We visited a tunnel that North Korean had attempted to sneak through the DMZ unnoticed, watched some more propaganda that was a blend of history, fear-mongering, and optimism about the future, and finally went to an overlook with telescopes through which we could see into North Korea. It was definitely as close as I ever want to find myself to North Korea, and looking through the smog and haze into the country was a bit eerie, just knowing that a place like that really exists and there I was looking at it.

After our DMZ tour, we went out with one of Lexi’s friends from college and tried some new local foods. Everything was delicious and a bit spicy, but I’m glad I tried it all and I’ll definitely miss the food in Korea! The whole country has been a ton of fun. It’s both familiar and foreign, and I would love to return someday to see more of it!


One thought on “DMZ Visit and Leaving Korea

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    Once again, your story comes alive through the pictures ! The DMZ, would definitely give me pause ! It’s an area that I’ve learned about but never really imagined . Your photo story really gives it life !
    Tavel safe to your next destination an know that our love follows !
    Grandma and PopPop


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