Layover in Dublin

Athens is behind us and we’re moving on to colder pastures in the upcoming weeks, particularly Iceland and the UK! While I’m very excited for both of those stops, we had a couple of days to spend in Ireland as a layover from Athens to Reykjavik, and I already can’t wait to come back.

We only got to spend a day and a half in Dublin, but the city is beautiful. The architecture is mostly older style, but the city was very alive and full of activity. Whether it was tourists, students, or shopkeepers, the pedestrian streets were full of activity and open stores (quite a contrast to Athens). The parks were full of people relaxing in the sun, and the streets were bustling with locals and tourists. It really felt like a living and active city, which was very cool to be a part of again (after Sri Lanka and Greece which felt… less than active).

We went to the famous Trinity College for a stroll around the beautiful campus grounds, and then set off to the National Museum. It was free to enter, and had several exhibits detailing the incredible history of the island and its people. Afterwards, we walked around the city center and down around Temple Bar. It really is a beautiful city, and it’s wouldn’t be a waste of a day to just walk for a few hours looking at the old architecture.

After Dublin, we made our way to Belfast for a night before flying off to Reykjavik. We didn’t get to see or do much in Belfast, but again just spent a half-day walking around and looking at the way the city blends old architecture and narrow back alleys with modern buildings and architecture. Both cities are incredible, and I look forward to returning!


One thought on “Layover in Dublin

  1. Grandma and PopPop says:

    So glad you were able to make a stop in Ireland, the home of my ancestors ! We too, found it most interesting. I’m not sure what we expected the first time we were there but it far exceeded any expectations. We also spent time in Belfast and visited friends of our travel mates. It truly gave us a flavor of the life. We spent 10 days on another trip and toured from Shannon to Dublin.
    We were supposed to go to Reykjavik too, but we were on a cruise and 40ft. waves caused the captained to alter our destination. Instead, we went to Viga,Spain, which proved really interesting and a great consolation tour !!!
    Keep on making those great memories.
    We love you,
    Grandma and Pop Pop


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