Hamburg and Berlin!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s partly because I sort of forgot about keeping up with my travels online. Whoops. But it certainly hasn’t been for a lack of new places or experiences!

We’ve spent the past week or so in Germany, first in Hamburg and then in Berlin. After a couple of weeks in hostels, we had our own apartment in Hamburg which was pretty amazing. Finally getting to sleep was quite a treat! We spent two days going through Hamburg, walking through the beautiful streets and into some of the sights of the city. Hamburg is a really interesting blend of old and new architecture, with nice waterfront parks and tree-lined streets around the outskirts of the city (where we stayed). It was a really nice city, and while there aren’t many activities to pursue around the city, it is very nice and just walking through the streets is a good way to spend a few hours.

After Hamburg, we took a three hour bus over to Berlin. We had two days to spend here in Berlin, and the city is just as beautiful as Hamburg. It’s absolutely full of fascinating history. We took a walking tour that lasted a few hours, and we really only got an introduction to most of the city. There’s too much to see in a couple of days, but it was still a great time! I even got to meet up with a friend from Tech who happened to be in the city for a few days at the same time I was there. Overall, I can’t wait to come back to Berlin, there’s still so much I didn’t get to see!



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