Split, Plitvice, and Dubrovnik!

My time in Croatia is now coming to an end, and I’m glad I had a chance to see how varied and beautiful this country is! As the end of my trip is coming up in less than I month, I had assumed that I was finished with landscapes and nature walks, but Plitvice proved me very wrong about that. It was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been, and if you like waterfalls then you have to visit someday. Apart from the park, I visited the city of Split (where I spent 11 hours on a boat, alternating between burning, freezing, and reeling) and the old town of Dubrovnik.

Split itself is quite a large city, but we really only spent any time in the old town. Similar to Lisbon, the streets are tiled with limestone (quite slippery when wet) which is always cool to see. It also looks a lot like an old Italian town, apparently because it was owned by the Venetians in the 1300s and the Romans before that. The old buildings and streets are beautiful and offered plenty of pleasant strolling, but not a lot to really do in the town. So we took a day to see some nearby islands, which meant sitting on a boat for 11 hours. Quite the adventure for our family, which is prone to motion sickness. The islands we got to see were very pretty, and the famous “Blue Cave” (so called because… well it’s blue) was quite rewarding. It didn’t exactly make up for the 10-11 hours of painful boating, but we made a game of predicting when the boat would crash on the water and send shivers to our skulls, so at least it was entertaining.


The Plitvice national park was the real highlight of Croatia. It felt like the landscape just kept rising and falling and producing more waterfalls all around us as we walked for a few hours. It’s almost an excessive number of waterfalls, and after walking for a few hours people generally stopped taking photos or clogging up the walkways, and would just keep on strolling past some a magnificent view just because they’d already seen a dozen just like it. Again, I’ll have to point you to my Flickr album for more photos, since there are just so many from that day and they’re all of different incredible sights.

The last stop for us in Croatia was the Dubrovnik old town. Apparently it’s where some Game of Thrones is filmed, and some of an upcoming Star Wars movie, but honestly the coolest part was just seeing the preserved old town as it was. We took an hour walk along the walls, and looking out over the old town was just so cool! The old city walls, the closely packed old buildings with red tile roofs, the steep and narrow alleyways in and out of the city. It was all so fun to walk around and see (even if we got caught in a rainstorm without a functioning umbrella), and I’m glad we had time to visit!