Back to Germany!

Over the past week we have returned to Germany, going back to Hamburg and Berlin with a few more things to see before leaving the country. We spent a few days in each city, revisiting some of the highlights and seeing a few sights we had missed previously.

On return to Hamburg we had missed two big things: going to the top of the St. Michaelis Church, and Miniature Wonderland. The second of those sounded like a pretty silly thing to go see (which is why I had skipped it on my first visit), but people insisted that it was worth a visit. Turns out, they were all correct. Our bike tour and church tower visit weren’t uniquely interesting or noteworthy, but the miniature wonderland exhibit was really a fun visit. It is the largest small railroad in the world, and has mini versions of Hamburg, “Middle-Germany”, parts of America, an imaginary town, an airport, some of Sweden, and other little cities or countries that they decided to include. We probably spent an hour and a half just marveling at the mini world with it’s trains, planes, cars, boats, and people filling the little world.

After returning to Hamburg we returned to Berlin! We didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Berlin on our last visit, but there weren’t that many more sights for us to look for on our return. We had already done a tour of the city and seen famous memorials, so this time the big highlight was the fact that we were able to see a Germany game of the Euro 2016 competition while we were there! We went to the Brandenburg Gate, where the city has closed down all nearby roads and set up a massive viewing area for watching the Germany games of the competition. It was really cool to see something like that in a European country. Apart from watching a lot of soccer while we were there, we also did a bike tour and visited the top of the Reichstag building. The bike tour was the first time that someone pointed out the bullet holes in the city to me. Many buildings have bullet holes from the Soviet push through the city, and most buildings have left them unfilled. It’s a very interesting remnant of the Second World War in the city.

Overall, it was a fun return to a couple of great cities, and now we look on to Amsterdam as our second to last stop!


Hamburg and Berlin!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s partly because I sort of forgot about keeping up with my travels online. Whoops. But it certainly hasn’t been for a lack of new places or experiences!

We’ve spent the past week or so in Germany, first in Hamburg and then in Berlin. After a couple of weeks in hostels, we had our own apartment in Hamburg which was pretty amazing. Finally getting to sleep was quite a treat! We spent two days going through Hamburg, walking through the beautiful streets and into some of the sights of the city. Hamburg is a really interesting blend of old and new architecture, with nice waterfront parks and tree-lined streets around the outskirts of the city (where we stayed). It was a really nice city, and while there aren’t many activities to pursue around the city, it is very nice and just walking through the streets is a good way to spend a few hours.

After Hamburg, we took a three hour bus over to Berlin. We had two days to spend here in Berlin, and the city is just as beautiful as Hamburg. It’s absolutely full of fascinating history. We took a walking tour that lasted a few hours, and we really only got an introduction to most of the city. There’s too much to see in a couple of days, but it was still a great time! I even got to meet up with a friend from Tech who happened to be in the city for a few days at the same time I was there. Overall, I can’t wait to come back to Berlin, there’s still so much I didn’t get to see!