Incredible Iceland

We’re on our fourth and final day in Iceland, and I definitely would have been posting more regularly if we’d had more consistent Internet access! Unfortunately the hotel has been pretty unreliable, but fortunately we haven’t had to spend too much time there, as we’ve been driving all over the Icelandic countryside and exploring some of what this beautiful country has to offer.

We arrived on the 23rd and set about walking throughout the city of Reykjavik, which is really more of a large town. There are no large buildings, and most of the homes are wood or metal (painted to look like wood) and resemble small ski lodges. In fact, the whole city feels like a skiing village mixed with an Alaskan town. While there may be plenty to do in Reykjavik, we only spent half a day walking through the actual city, as I had rented a car to drive around the countryside. And I am quite glad I did (even though this country is ridiculously expensive).

Our first day we set out to drive around the Golden Circle, which is a route near the city of Reykjavik that goes through a national park and a large geyser from which all other geysers get their name (it’s called Geysir and that’s just what the info booth said, it could be made up to sound impressive). Both of them were stunning, and just driving around the country itself is amazing. In fact, it’s hard to get anywhere because I have to keep pulling over to take pictures, run up mountainsides, explore caves, or scramble along waterfalls. Everything is absolutely gorgeous, and there is no end to what you can decide to explore. I could rant about it all endlessly, but instead I’ll just point you to my Flickr album. The black sand and stone beaches were incredible, the perfectly blue rivers and lakes are amazing, the fissures are like mini-canyons, the basalt columns are completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and honestly it’s just all pretty unbelievable.