Venice and Milan!

The past few days have been spent wandering through Venice and touring around Milan! Two beautiful cities with plenty to offer, and I had a great time in each of them!

We landed in Venice and spent the first couple of days there. Day 1 was the usual tourist things, San Marco’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, the Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and a couple of museums. Venice is really all tourists as you walk through the crowded streets. While it somewhat takes away from the experience to be surrounded by a mass of tourists ambling aimlessly between San Marco’s and the Rialto Bridge, the city is beautiful enough that it’s not really that big of a deal. Oh, and we spent our first day celebrating Lexi’s birthday! Our parents got her a nice hotel room as a gift, which was obviously pretty nice for me too.

Our second day in Venice was mostly just wandering through the streets before catching a train to Milan. Even without explicit tourist sites to see, it is a beautiful city. Spending half a day weaving through the narrow back alleys and over the gorgeous old bridges is actually one of the best ways to spend time in Venice (in my opinion). There is far more to the city than the two big tourist sites, and it’s nice to wander around without a herd.

Arriving in Milan, we had another beautiful hotel as a surprise gift for my sister’s birthday (again, to my benefit as well). Our next day was spent as part of a tourist herd ourselves! We went on a 7.5 hour walking tour around Milan, seeing the Last Supper, the Duomo, the Castle Sforzesca, and a couple of other churches with some artwork that I didn’t catch the name of. It was a new experience on this trip, to have such an organized tour of a city, and it was actually nice to learn so much all at once (even if I was part of a classic tourist group).