Out of Ireland and on to Portugal!

It’s been a while since my last post, so we’ve covered quite a bit of ground. We spent a few days in Dublin, wandering around, ┬ávisiting the Guinness Brewery, a famous old jail (Kilmainham Gaol I think?), a seeing a performance of Othello. It really is a great city, and I’m glad we got to go back for a few days.

Now we’re in Lisbon! Our first day was spent walking through the narrow and steep streets around the center of the city, up to an old castle and some old churches (one even without a roof!). Strangely, the ground is all tiled around Lisbon, like a giant outdoor mosaic. While it looks very nice, I do keep worrying about slipping on it, as it’s been quite rainy.

We also took a day trip yesterday to a nearby town called Sintra. It had numerous palaces, castles, gardens, and overall it was a very pretty little town. We ended up walking something like 10 miles and 140 flights of stairs (according to my iPhone), which was pretty painful on my injured foot, but still very rewarding. We covered basically the entire town on foot, and it was a very full day as we managed to see so much.

We have one more day in Portugal, and then we’re going on to Geneva! Where we planned to do some hiking, but with my injury it might be a bit more sitting than hiking…