Beautiful Barcelona

We’ve just finished with a very brief stay in Barcelona, and I’m glad we got a chance to visit! The city is full of beautiful buildings, parks, and monuments, and two days certainly wasn’t enough to see it all. Still, it was a lot of fun to stop by the Sagrada Familia (of course), some other Gaudi work, and wander through the streets for a couple days.

Our first stop in Barcelona had to be the Sagrada Familia. This famous cathedral has been under construction for over a hundred years (should be done by 2026 apparently), and is completely unique in its design. The interior is designed to look like a forest, the windows are some of the most colorful and richest stained glass I’ve ever seen, the exterior facades display different religious scenes in different artistic styles, and every detail has some significance or natural inspiration. It all comes together to form a building that is unlike any other in the world, and really has to be visited to be fully experienced.

To see more of Gaudi’s work, I visited a palace that he designed in the city. It occupies a small city block, and was one of his earlier works. Even so, his style is still evident all over the building. The stairways, arches, chimneys, windows, fireplaces, everything is so weird but still so cool to look at. It’s fun to see his work, because it makes such creative use of spaces that you would never expect to see in a building or in stone. It’s hard to appreciate in a photograph, you really have to be there to see how weird and clever it is.

Finally, we spent a few hours just wandering around look at the beautiful streets and parks. The city has so much to offer, and even without going to the tourist sites or the famous buildings, you can appreciate the city just by walking around and seeing it all! I had a great time in the city, and only wish I’d had more time!